Our goal at KYALLI is to help you be more comfortable, confident and love your own skin. We want you to be educated about the power of nature and help bring the purest natural resources to you; enabling you live a more intentional, conscious and healthier life. We use the highest quality organic and natural plant-based ingredients, packed with powerful antioxidants, rich botanical extracts, enzymes and vitamins nature has to offer to deliver visible and long lasting results. Our ingredients are organic and ethically sourced from around the world. We take a stance against animal testing; no ingredient or finished product is tested on animals. We create innovative, high-performance and cruelty-free formulations that actually work and are safe for you and the environment. We stay up to date with the latest skincare research and innovations to bring you the best and most effective products to deliver optimal results in a simple routine.


At KYALLI we use scientifically proven ingredients in their most potent and purest form for maximum results. We use the highest possible concentration of certified organic ingredients in every product we create whenever possible to bring you skincare that is potent, healing and efficacious. We believe beautiful skin is healthy skin. Each ingredient is meticulously selected to protect and maintain the skin’s integrity for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion. We use concentrated active ingredients in each formulation to ensure unparalleled results. Each ingredient is intentionally selected to create an unrivalled formula that targets specific skin concerns, leaving with desired and long lasting results.



We are committed to making the world a better place. Our goal is to empower both our consumers and the less privileged through our KYALLI Foundation. With every purchase you make, you will not only meet your skincare needs, you will also be contributing to the quality education, sustainable healthcare and stable employment that will provide men, women and children a chance to reach their full potential and empower them to become who they are destined to be. We want to contribute to achieving sustainable change, so we commit part of our revenues to various social causes. Doing this we can play a part is making the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals a reality and transform lives one person at a time.


KYALLI /KEY·AH·LEE/ a word from the Hausa language of Sub-Saharan Africa, meaning Luminous. KYALLI is a socially conscious holistic lifestyle brand that creates high-performance luxurious products; infusing beauty and wellness secrets from around the world. Our mission is to rid the world of superficial skin treatments that are more concerned with texture than wellness. We’ve created a range of products without unnecessary additives that nourish and rejuvenate skin so that it glows in the way that nature intended. We’re the Aid Team for the skin’s natural luminosity.

Registered Office Address: 85, First Floor, Great Portland Street, London, United Kingdom. W1W 7LW

Phone: +44 203 105 4547

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