At KYALLI we strive to provide only the best of who we are to all customers, clients, supply chain and wider eco-system.


We are constantly on the look-out for exceptional talent who can fit with the KYALLI team to execute our vision in becoming a truly global brand, taking clean cosmetics across the world.

As a growing organisation we are all about doing new, innovative and exciting things. We are a truly global team and welcome people from across the world to join our team.


If you are looking for work experience, a fresh graduate or progressing within your career and think KYALLI is your next stop, then check out our current career positions below!

Alternatively send us an email at and we will be in touch.


KYALLI /KEY·AH·LEE/ a word from the Hausa language of Sub-Saharan Africa, meaning Luminous. KYALLI is a socially conscious holistic lifestyle brand that creates high-performance luxurious products; infusing beauty and wellness secrets from around the world. Our mission is to rid the world of superficial skin treatments that are more concerned with texture than wellness. We’ve created a range of products without unnecessary additives that nourish and rejuvenate skin so that it glows in the way that nature intended. We’re the Aid Team for the skin’s natural luminosity.

Registered Office Address: 85, First Floor, Great Portland Street, London, United Kingdom. W1W 7LW

Phone: +44 203 105 4547

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